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Corporate Chair Massage for Employee Wellness
Boston chair massage

If your employees work hard, chances are that they’re carrying a lot of tension throughout their body. Our corporate chair massages give your employees the relief they’ve been looking for. We provide gentle chair massages which are designed to decrease tension, reduce stress, and improve overall employee wellness.

We work to target areas of tension in your employees’ bodies, helping them to relax and feel comfortable again. Workplaces can take their toll on our bodies, whether we’re lifting heavy machinery or slumped at a desk all day. As a result, more and more employers in the Boston area are looking after their employees’ wellness with relaxing chair massages from Mass Mobile Massage.

Our corporate Boston chair massages can help to decrease anxiety, reduce sick days, improve circulation, boost morale, lower blood pressure, and have an overall positive effect on the immune system. A happy employee is a hardworking employee, so why not treat your workforce today?


Improving Employee Productivity through Chair Massage

The happier and healthier your employees are, the more productive they are. A tense and stressed-out workforce is not going to produce high-quality work, while a relaxed and healthy team of employees is more likely to tackle problems in a calm and collected manner, improving overall productivity and efficiency in your workplace.

Chair massages are also a huge boost to employee morale – people are naturally inclined to work harder for employers who take care of them. In addition to morale boosts, chair massages are shown to decrease stress hormones like cortisol, helping your staff to concentrate and keep their cool when the pressure is on at work.

Mass Mobile Massage’s corporate chair massages relieve your staff from painful tension and knots in their muscles, helping them to stay comfortable and relaxed throughout their working day. Our services can also lower blood pressure and increase mental focus, catalyzing maximized productivity.


At Work Massage

Our on-site mobile massage service can perform at-work massages that reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase mental focus, and relieve your employees from any pains or knots in their muscles. At-work chair massages are a convenient and efficient way for you to take care of your team without sacrificing too much working time in the process. Our Boston chair massage ranges from 10-30 minutes depending on your preference, so we can fit in as many of your staff as you want. Mass Mobile Massage uses proven massage methods and techniques to relax your employees and keep your workplace running smoothly.


Boston Chair Massage at Trade Shows

What better way to attract people to your booth than a chair massage? We have been providing chair massage services at trade shows since 2008. If you’ve got a trade show coming up, why not set up a chair massage section in your booth? Our therapists can wear your company logo or our own uniform, suiting the theme of your brand as you see fit. Our trade show massages tend to attract large queues, giving you plenty of time to pitch and sell to attendees while they receive a relaxing massage and perhaps feel more agreeable than usual.


On-Site Corporate Chair Massage Benefits

A relaxed workplace is a happy workplace… and a happy workplace is a productive workplace! There are so many benefits to on-site corporate chair massage, such as:

Reduced stress – chair massage has been shown to lower cortisol, the body’s natural stress hormone. Helps to keep your employees calm and clear.

Lower blood pressure – high blood pressure can lead to heart attacks, strokes, heart disease, and stress, so it’s highly beneficial to reduce your staff’s blood pressure and keep them ticking over normally.

Boosted employee morale – not only will a corporate chair massage make your employees happier and less stressed; they’ll also feel grateful that you’re taking care of their well-being. This boost in morale encourages continued hard work and commitment to your organization.

Clearer mind – even if your staff are not fans of massage, having a few minutes to sit in silence and clear your mind can really help with excessive cognitive load.

Professional Massage Therapists

Mass Mobile Massage is a team of professional Boston chair massage therapists performing mobile massage treatments in Boston and the surrounding areas. We have been established for 10+ years and have a diverse team of 25 men and women who are all highly qualified and experienced in the art of massage.

Our mobile massage services can be used for workplaces, hotel function rooms, trade shows, spa parties, private events, and many other scenarios. If you’ve got a group of people who need some help to relax, look no further than the professional masseurs and masseuses here at Mass Mobile Massage!

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Looking for mobile massage in Boston, Massachusetts? We have a team of more than two-dozen male and female therapists who are able to meet your massage needs. Whether you’re looking for on-site corporate chair massage, mobile treatment, or anything else, we have the skills, team, and experience to help you relax.

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