Wellness Membership

for In-Home Massages

Sign up for a 12-month Wellness Membership of in-home table massages and enjoy the privileges. Almost 50% Off on every massage. 60min massages are only $99 per month which gives you one massage per month and only $85 for additional massages (90min = $129 and $115 for additional). Massages that are not used rollover to the next month and accumulate as long as you are a member. Share this membership with your household and you can give the gift of massage at your special membership rate of only $85 or $115 to friends outside your household one time per month at this rate. If you pay in full for the year you receive a bonus massage! Book with your favorite massage therapists from our quality team of professionals. Upgrade to a 90min for only $40 more. There is no cancellation fee after 12 months and only one-month cancellation fee to cancel before 12 months ($99 or $129) Any banked massages after your cancellation date are forfeit. There are no refunds for a paid in full membership and only one massage is available per month, after the one massage per month is used additional massages are available at membership rate. Gratuity, parking fees and travel fees (over 20 miles from Boston common quickest route) are not included. Please see Policies for other important details.